Panel Planner Avionics/Maintenance Shop

Flying a small aircraft above the clouds is one of the great thrills of a lifetime. The avionics and maintenance shop helps make sure the pilot gets back. That pilot will come in for an avionics proposal but not return for 3 months or 3 years! This professional Panel Planner version contains tools for tracking past proposals by tail number and owner name. The designed panel files can be stored on a central server or the cloud. Panel Planner can also manage past budgets and estimate labor costs. This Panel Planner version may be shared between everyone involved. It can also be copied to home, work, or mobile computer, all at no additional cost. A shop may buy with a credit card, purchase order, or on installments.


Version differences



  • 5 panels maximum

Avionics Maintenance Shop

  • Unlimited panels
  • Manage work plans by tail number and name
  • Server or cloud storage of work plans
  • Unlimited shop users
  • Labor estimator

Reviews From Customers


Saves a ton of time

Saves a ton of time, you can get right on and start using it. It makes planning an instrument panel for airplanes easy at a reasonable price.

Mark Davis

An exhaustive catalog

A catalog that includes anything that you could put in the panel, including old legacy stuff, as well as what is straight hot off the presses and brand new to the industry.

Pete Sandu
5 Rivers Aviation

A simple user interface

A simple user interface that allows you to drag and drop preexisting panels that are accurate and depict the airplane that you picked.

Jason K Moorefield