What's a Panel Planner J?

Instrument panels for large twin to experimental aircraft.


Panel Planner is your best solution for designing and fabricating whole instrument panels for large twin to experimental aircraft. It is made for the aircraft owner, homebuilder, repair/refit station, flight department, designer, or manufacturer. While Panel Planner is a stand-alone program for designing the instrument panel, a knowledge of CAD is required to fabricate the panel itself”

“After you have designed your panel if you are unfamiliar with CAD, please call us for recommendations of companies that can do this for you.”


Design and build instrument panels in record time


Panel Planner gives you the power to design and build instrument panels in record time. Simply drag full-color, photo-realistic instruments, avionics, and cockpit controls into place on an aircraft panel template.
Panel Planner tracks total cost, total weight, and peak current generates an equipment list, and even prints actual-size hole-cutting templates and color mock-ups with your desktop printer or plotter.

After you are satisfied with the mock-up of your panel, Panel Planner will create a CAD file. You will then submit your CAD file to a shop that may modify it to keep your design as close as possible. They will then use the modified CAD file to cut your panel.

Panel Planner equipment and panels can be updated locally or over the internet keeping you up-to-date, with the most recent instruments in the market, ready for you to use. The software is multi-platform, based in a technology called Java, and can run either on Macintosh or Windows. Version 4.0 is now available in PC or Mac.


Pilot/Owner or Avionics Shop


Panel Planner J software comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Panel Planner Pilot/Owner 5.0.0

Pilot/Owner Upgrade to Shop Version 5.0.0

Panel Planner Avionics Shop Version: 5.0.0

Panel Planner Annual Update

Panel Planner Update requires a valid serial number, retrieve your serial number here

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