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All logos, insignia, patches and seals are for official use only.

Legal Restrictions

All Government logos, seals, and insignia are the property of the agencies represented by them. Most seals are restricted solely to the use of those agencies or to use in the interests of those agencies. Some seals may be used by the public except in advertising (so as to show endorsement of the product being advertised) or in a way that reflects unfavorably upon the agency represented.

Because the law generally restricts the manufacture and sale of official government logos except to the U.S. Government, these products (official government logos) are only available for purchase with an official government purchase order, and are not available for individual download.

Use of the DoD Seal and Military Service Seals

Department of Defense and Military Seals are protected by law from unauthorized use. These seals may NOT be used for non-official purposes.

However, the Military Services typically approve the use of their Service emblem or coat of arms on a case-by-case basis as a substitute. There is no such substitute for the Department of Defense Seal.

There is NO optional graphic that would represent the Department of Defense.

Because of the wide range of specific requirements (material, size, color, etc.) desired for each individual requestor’s project, DoD does not stock or provide emblems for such use. The production of emblems is the responsibility of each requestor. Final approval for use of Military Service emblems and additional information as to the design of the emblems, specific colors used and the availability of graphic masters or camera-ready masters can be obtained from the following offices:

  • Department of the Army, Institute of Heraldry
    9325 Gunston Road, Room S-117
    Fort Belvior, VA 22060-5579
    (703) 806-4968
  • Department of the Navy, Office of the Judge Advocate General
    1322 Patterson Street SE, Suite 3000
    Washington Navy Yard
    Washington, D.C. 20374-5066
    Fort Belvior, VA 22060-5579
    (additional information)
  • (For use of the Coat of Arms)
  • Department of the Air Force
    Chief, Organizational History Branch
    600 Chennault Circle
    Maxwell AFB, AL 36066
    (334) 953-5152
  • Department of the Navy, U.S. Marine Corps
    2 Navy Annex
    Washington, DC 20380-1775
    (703) 614-4698
  • Headquarters, U.S. Coast Guard
    Public Affairs Staff
    Community Relations Branch
    2100 Second Street, SW
    Washington, DC 20593-0001
    (202) 267-0938