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Nelson Aviation is a 1500 sq ft temperature-controlled wiring harness production facility in Port Richey, FL that provides custom Aviation wiring solutions for all of your Avionics installations needs. Whether you’re an experimental airplane builder, or an avionics shop needing harness-building relief, we’ve got you covered.

  • Each wire in every harness is Laser marked in its entirety- every 3 inches with our in-house state-of-the-art Tri-Star M-100L-FG-TT-A Laser wire marker
  • Every harness comes with an engineered interface wiring diagrams custom to your airplane, digital and printed, for ease of install, and to assist in Post installation configuration
  • Each harness is built using ONLY OEM Connectors, Mil-spec parts/wire specified in each installation manual
  • All Tooling used is Certified and gets Calibrated according to Manufacture specifications
  • Full traceability can be provided for all material used in any harness
  • Each harness goes through a quality control inspection, followed by a full Pin-Pin continuity check of every connection prior to shipment to customer
Nelson Aviation
Harness Planner
Nelson Aviation

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